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modern ohio star

I am so happy to share this quilt with you!

Last Summer/Fall the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild issued a challenge to make a modern styled quilt with the traditional and classic pattern Ohio Star.  I love this kind of exercise - it really gets my wheels turning and I think it's so fun to play with the classics!

Using the Quilt Design Tool on Threadbias I came up with a fun star with in a star pattern that used value to create the pattern. Since low volume or quiet neutrals are so popular and I like the look, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the quilt too.

This was my first attempt at using value in a quilt so I used the old trick of looking at my fabrics in black and white, which is so easy now with camera phones!  I just snapped a picture and quickly edited it to black and white via my phone's camera app.  It worked well as I could easily see what needed to be changed.  I was sometimes surprised at what read as light vs. medium etc.  

My design wall was a big help in assembling this pattern as it's easy to get the pieces turned around!  Even with that, I had to do quilt surgery after I pieced the top to turn two blocks around.  Doh!

I used scraps for the back just for fun, and my Mom kindly hand quilted a simple and sparse Ohio Star pattern on the quilt.  I knew I was going to hang this one up, so I pieced in triangles in each corner of the back so that I could insert a dowel rod for hanging any which way.

I didn't win the guild challenge; there were so many wonderful quilts! If you have a minute you should really check out Cindy Lammon's winning entry - her Ohio Star is stunning and oh so good!  Guild members brought their A-game to this challenge, I wish I had more pictures to share!

McCall's decided to pick up my quilt and offer the pattern in it's June/July 2014 issue that is on stands now!  Here is a picture of the cover so it will be easy to spot if you go look for it.  
I hope you'll check it out!

I am already humbled by some fun Instagram love for this pattern!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Kristy said...

YAY! As discussed, I'm usually not a fan of that magazine; but I'm definitely going to have to go buy it now that your design is inside.

It truly is a lovely quilt and I'm happy to see you get lots of praise.

Cindy said...

I love this!!! And thanks for the mention. You're so sweet.

Melissa Miller said...

That quilt looks fantabulous! :)

Lori in NC said...

I saw your quilt on Pinterest yesterday, and had to go to the bookstore to buy the magazine today. Now wish me luck finding the appropriate fabrics in my stash - I have a feeling I'm going to be heavy on the mediums, and sadly short on the lights!

Jessica said...

Yes! I love this quilt! Congrats on being included in the magazine.

Gina said...

Thanks for describing your process. This design is fantastic. Congrats on the inclusion in the magazine!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I love what you have created here with your clever use of design and colours.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful quilt. I love your camera phone trick to assign value to fabrics!

P.S. and what a great and inspiring blog! :)

Bernapatch said...

Beau travail sur les nuances ! I love it!!!

beckandlundy (Patty Sloniger) said...

Love your take on the Ohio Star, your value play is gorgeous!