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new tricks AKA I bought a lot of yarn

I finally got bit by the knitting bug.  It started innocently enough.  About a year ago a friend made a crochet  bobble clutch and I loved it - had to make it.  Bought yarn, bought the pattern, and it sat.  For a year it sat, until late in 2013 I finally decided to give it a go.
It turned out pretty cute!  I liked working with the yarn...it was growing on me.  Add to that I kept seeing sock after amazing sock on Instagram and was really getting the itch to try knitting.  After Christmas my Mom and I went to Knitorious in St. Louis and I found another pretty yarn to try.  I made another bobble clutch (slightly modified the pattern).
Now I was ready to try knitting.  I am lucky in that my Mom is a very experienced knitter and a patient teacher.  She set me up and I started knitting a washcloth pattern from my dear friends Aunt.  I probably started over 10 times or more on that first washcloth but eventually found a rhythm and made a handful. I moved on to a slightly more involved pattern so I could learn yarn overs and purling.  Then I tried the same pattern again only bigger.
This project gave me the confidence boost I needed to start a real project!  I had seen the most beautiful scarf on Instagram and set about recreating it.  It's called the Great Divide Shawl.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and already on to new projects!  Knitting is kind of addictive...just one more row you find your self saying.  It's also kinda zen in that repetitive motion kinda way.  The fabric budget is going to take a hit now that I want all the yarn too! 

I'm keeping track of my projects on Ravelry - I'm splendorfalls if you are on Ravelry stop by!


Melissa Miller said...

Very nice!

Kristy said...

It's a good thing I tried Knitting and couldn't "get the hang of it"...otherwise, I would be buying all the yarn too.

I'm glad that you found something else to occupy your time when not sewing/quilting. Your pieces look great.

Lynne said...

Love it! No time for anything crafty right now, so living vicariously through all of your beauties!