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easy mitered corner napkins

There are a lot of good online tutorials for making mitered corner napkins.  In the past my go-to was this one over at prudentbaby.  I've used it several times for napkins and even these pretty AMH baby blankets and had no issues.
When the ohsobeautiful Charlie Harper fabric came out I knew I wanted some yardage but also knew it wasn't fabric I was going to quilt with.  What to make what to make....pillowcase?  Towel?  Napkins?


I could just see a table set simply with those charming birds...it had to be.  Not to disappoint those of you who know I love to make multiples, I ended up making 16 napkins and in the process figured out way to make mitered corners just a tad bit simpler than the other tutes I've seen.  Most tutes require lots of folding and and pressing and marking...some of which I found unnecessary.  I figured I would share my simpler methods with you here today.

It's been a loooong time since I've posted a tutorial here so hopefully I'm not too rusty at my instruction!

I started with about a 17 inch square of fabric and ended up with around a 15.5 inch napkin.  The size you want to start with depends on what size you want your finished napkin to be and the measurement of your first fold (step 1) and your miter (step 3).  So the math would be...

(measurement of your fold in step 1) multiplied by  2
(measurement of your finished miter in step 3) multiplied by 2
the size you want your finished napkin to be
the size of the square you want to start with

What?  Yeah, if you aren't into that math..I'd just start with an 18 inch square and roll with it.

Step 1.  Turn and press all edges of your fabric in towards the wrong side about 1/4 of an inch.
You don't have to be crazy accurate, but consistent is good.
The corners will overlap and that is A-OK!

Step 2.  Take a corner and fold it right sides together, matching your recently pressed 1/4 inch edges.
Pin. Repeat for all your corners.
Just another picture of Step 2.

Step 3. Using a ruler and a pencil mark a line perpendicular from the fold you just created to the matched edge you just pinned.  *Be sure you mark perpendicular to the fold - if you mark perpendicular to the ironed edged you won't get a miter*
You will mark the line where it measures 7/8 of an inch from top to bottom.
Using this measurement results in about a 5/8 inch hem.

You can play with the math to get different widths for your specific mitering needs.
Longer line = wider hem.
6/8 line gets you a 1/2 inch hem
7/8 line gets you a 5/8 inch hem
1 inch line gets you a 3/4 inch hem

Step 4.  Sew on top of the lines you drew, taking care to make sure the 1/4 ironed edges are even.  If they are offset your miter will not be perfect.  Gasp!  It's really ok if it's a tad off.  I know I'm not inspecting napkins when enjoying dinner.  I like to back stitch at the beginnings and ends for security.
Trim the little ends off to about 1/8 of an inch.  That is just my preference, a little bigger I think would still be ok, but too much and you won't be able to get a nice point on your turned corner.  

Step 6.  Turn your miter out and use a turning tool to get nice points and press your work.

Step 7. Top stitch about 1/8 of an inch around your pressed mitered hem to hold it all in place.

Step 8.  Admire your handiwork!  You did it!


Lynne said...

Well, THOSE're awesome! Gonna have to make a set of these, now. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for the tute. I must give it a try should I decide to miter corners on a future project. The napkins are so very beautiful. I haven't quite settled on how I will use my CH stash.

Nancy said...

I think these would make perfect Christmas gifts. Well done (except for that bit of math in the beginning, that was crazy ha!).

Kristy said...

This is great MC! Pinning right away for future use.