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small quilts

 I think I'd make child or baby size quilts exclusively if it was practical.  The piecing goes really fast, basting is a breeze, the quilting goes faster, binding is done in a snap!  Small quilts might be where it's at if you are looking for a quick finish and sense of accomplishment. 
This pink and yellow quilt is a pattern from Jacquie Gehrings book Quilting Modern.  Great pattern, easy to follow and I'm pretty much in love with the design.  It's just 36 x 36 inches. Just perfect for a wall hanging or a kids snugly lap quilt.
I backed this quilt with minky, since it was for a sweet little girl undergoing treatment for leukemia.  I figured the extra snuggle factor would be nice while she is in the hospital.
This trio of quilts were made for a relative who recently had preemie triplets.  The babies are doing well and we wanted to make them each a special gift.  My Mom helped a lot with these, doing some piecing, basting, and binding work.  You can see photos of the whole quilts on Flickr.

I've got a bunch of small projects lined up to work on next and have a three day quilt retreat coming up; 
I'm hoping to accomplish a lot!


Laurie said...

I think that pattern is the best one in that Quilting Modern book. Yours is the first I've seen in a while with all solids and it's very effective! Good job!

Jenny said...

they are beautiful Mary Claire. I agree baby quilts are fabulously fun to make..