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hexie love quilt

I  have a young daughter, who I know, will be grown up before I know it, leading me to reflect back on the days when she was little.  I'll surely think about her toys and clothes, and all those small things she loved as a little girl.  I wanted to make a special quilt, an unmistakably little girl quilt, something to capture this short moment in time.  A she still holds my hand in the parking lot and looks up at me smiling quilt.  A Mom look at this picture I drew of us with the sun and a flower quilt.  A jump in the puddle after a rain shower quilt.  A quilt to remember those sweet days of being a kid, of my little girl, such a thoughtful daughter she is, a quilt for her.

Sarah Jane fabrics seemed to convey what I was feeling more than any other, so I stocked up on my favorite Children at Play and Out to Sea prints.  Coordinating prints I pulled from my stash, using up some old favorites for this little quilt.  My quilt turned out looking similar to this cute one by Amy Smart due to using the Sarah Jane fabrics.  Do you ever have that happen?  You start a quilt and then come across its doppelganger?  I was happy to see this one; it made me more sure of my fabric choices and motivated me to actually start sewing!

The pattern is written by Olive Juice Quilts and can be found in the 2012 Fall issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine.  The shop, as of today, still has copies of the magazine and the acrylic template for sale.  I've dabbled with small hexies before, even tiny ones, but never large ones.

The method in the pattern requires you to mark the intersections with a dot, and I found this easier and more accurate than the non marking method I tried.  (Don't you love that there are so many ways to do the same thing?  Something for everyone in quilting, love it!) I started piecing the top at a STLMQG sew in, and later finished it a Lou Bee Retreat.  Love love LOVE sewing with friends!

I free motion quilted this quilt rather heavily in a flower design.  I've seen this design all over, but used the tutorial over at Oh Fransson to get me started.  In hindsight I think I'd have made larger, less dense flowers, like the tutorial, but I am still happy with the quilting.  Thankfully I used a very thin batting (Quilters Dream Cotton Request) and so the quilt still has a snuggle factor.

I started quilting this quilt with a cheaper heavier weight thread (the thread that shall not be named) that kept breaking on me.  I tried every trick in the book, even two different machines and the thread still broke!  Frustrated and tired of ripping out stitches, I of course went out and bought some trusty Aurifil 50wt in a very light pink (#2410) that I feel blended really well with the colors in the quilt and of course worked flawlessly. Lesson learned.

It's been washed and slept with and I'm so happy to see my daughter enjoying it.  I hope there are many tea parties still to be had on it, tents to be made, and maybe a trip or two sliding down the stairs.

I've entered my quilt into the ohsofun Bloggers Quilt Festival; be sure to hop over and check out all the inspiring quilts and their stories!

Baby Lock is giving away a Melody sewing machine in honor of the Bloggers Quilt Festival and to enter I am supposed to tell you why I'd like to win! Well firstly - it's a free sewing machine!  Secondly, I'd be very curious how a higher end Baby Lock sews.  My first machine was a Baby Lock, but a very basic entry level machine.  Who knows, maybe I'd be a convert?


Cille said...

Awww, what a sweet quilt. Your daughter will treasure it forever.

Krista Robbins said...

I have the same thoughts as my kids rush into teenage-ness.

Your quilt is beautiful. Love the fabrics you chose.. so bright and happy and oh so girly.

Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

It's so cute! I'm sure she loves it!

Melissa said...

Your quilt is fantastic! It's so happy. You can't go wrong with Aurifil. Did you buy it locally? The only place I found in the area that sells it is The Quilted Fox in Frontenac.

Kristy said...

YAY! I'm so excited that I got to see this quilt's progress over the last few months...right, it was months, not weeks, I never really know with you :-)

It's definitely a treasure that she will love always.

Gina said...

That quilt is one that is sure to hold many memories as your daughter grows into adulthood. Your instincts are "right on" in that you will blink and your daughter will be an adult. Keep on treasuring your moments with her!

Lynne said...

Oh... Love this.

Little tear.* Sniff.*

So sweet. Beautiful work on the quilting.

Lynne said...

P.S. I have SO enjoyed you blogging again.

Nilya said...

I thought I already told you, how much I love this sweet quilt :)

Nilya said...

Love your quilt!

reneseltzer said...

It is great! I hope you win!

CitricSugar said...

Love your mix of fabrics - great colours! Perfectly sewn hexies.

Lori said...

And I pieced mine different than either way you mentioned! Mine was for my baby girl, too, except it was first her first home!
This is gorgeous!